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April 2, 2008

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Our Time at the Zoo!

This weekend we had some visitors! My parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew spent a few days with us–and boy we had a great time! Maddie had been anticipating their visit for 38 days (yes, we made a countdown!) and EVERY one of those 38 days she’d remind me “Mimi-Pappy-Chewy-B-Brady-Zoo!!!!” We even made a little web chart with “Zoo” in the middle and branching out were listed all of the animals and people we might see there. (yes, this is the elementary teacher in me coming out) And one day, thanks to a great gift from daddy, we made play dough cut outs of every family member as well as a bunch of animals we listed on the web. WE WERE SO EXCITED TO GO TO THE ZOO! So, the zoo has come and gone and now Maddie has moved to her next Countdown. “Mama, Emme-Faith-Lydia-Audrey-Damien!!!!” Yup, in 10 days we’re coming home for a whole week while Ben is at a conference and we’ll get to meet our new neighbors, The Dragos!

So, here are some pictures from our time at the zoo.

Mom and Dad (Mimi and Pappy), thanks SO much for coming to visit us. You were so generous towards us–providing meals, snacks, gifts, and more. But more than that, we loved the time we got to spend with you!

Betsy, Matt, and Brayden (Chewy, B, & Brady), thanks for spending the weekend with us! It was so much fun spending time with you—and it was great watching the kids play together. We miss you all already!!!

So much to see!!!

Cheesey Maddie in the lap of a golden panda bear

I love this picture of my parents with Maddie…she held their hands almost the entire time!

Bear Hug

Mommy and Maddie brushing a donkey

It was a tiring day!


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