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April 24, 2008

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Our Week “Away”

Last week, while Ben was at the Together for the Gospel Conference in Kentucky, the kids and I spent time “away” at “home” in Pennsylvania. I suppose “away” and “home” are to be used loosely, since we’ve been traveling between 2 states and houses over the past 9 months!!! Here are some pictures capturing some of our adventures.

Aren’t they such little cuties? They have a genuine love and affection for each other.

Our neighbors are officially the Dragos! Here were the kids meeting in between our two front yards when they first saw one another. Maddie loves Emme and Faith soo much!!

And here are the hubbies doing yard work together…well…with some brief chatting breaks, of course! Audrey and I enjoyed our moments meeting in the front yard as well–we’ve already borrowed an egg and some syrup 🙂

And here our little men AJ, and his cousin Brayden are hard at work doing…something…with that….rusty thing…not sure what they’re doing, but don’t they look so hard at work?

More pictures and updates from our time in Pennsylvania coming soon…!


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