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May 2, 2008

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The First of the Lasts

photo courtesy of girltalk blog, taken by janelle bradshaw

Last night was the first “last meeting” of the PC year. One Thursday a month we had the huge privilege to meet with C.J. and Carolyn Mahaney for a question and answer time. (C.J. leads Sovereign Grace Ministries) Last night was our last meeting with them. What a blessing this time has been learning from their lives. This year, with such humility, they answered question after question, from topics which ranged from marriage, to parenting, to the future of Sovereign Grace Ministies, to even sports (often courtesy of my dear husband!). So last night, after about a half hour of questions, we were able to thank and encourage this dear couple for their commitment to spreading the gospel, their commitment to their family, and their commitment to the Pastors College students and their families. I think what struck me most from this time was that surely, they must receive encouragement like this from the PC couples each year and yet during many times throughout the evening they were both brought to tears over the encouragement that was shared. This is a humble couple who are only doing what they can to obey and honor God in their lives and they truly attribute everything in their lives to God’s grace and work in them. I left last night more grateful to God and more thankful for this rare opportunity we were given to be here at the Pastors college to learn from such godly servants!


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