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May 7, 2008

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Well, I’ve been tagged. It’s been a crazy week… between last minute PC obligations, my attempt at packing, typical responsibilites etc., so honestly, its nice to have an excuse for some procrastination 🙂 Suzannah, I confess to copying some of your answers due to my own lack of creativity!

A – ADVOCATE FOR: RuMe bags and Sigg bottles, the unborn, following Jesus, reading children’s books (even if you don’t have children!)

B – BEST FEATURE: goodness…I guess my hands are pretty helpful during the day!

C – COULD DO WITHOUT: winter. I’d rather visit snow than live in it.

D – DREAMS & DESIRES: to glorify God in all things, to love my husband, to raise my children to love God and love people

E – ESSENTIAL ITEMS: tissues, chap stick, my bible, baby wipes, ziplock bags

F – FAVORITE PAST TIME: holiday dinners when my whole family is together now that everyone is grown and enjoys each other’s company (I hear ya Suzannah!)

G – GOOD AT: baking and eating what I bake 🙂

H – HAPPIEST: when I’m surrounded by those I love

I – IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I’d hire a maid, ooh and put a Starbucks in my kitchen…

J – JUNKIE FOR: coffee and shoes

K – KINDRED SPIRIT: its a bit early to tell but I think Maddie and I will be–she has the same wacky sense of humor and love for nature and singing

L – LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I once got locked in a gym locker. Not my proudest moment.

M – MEMORABLE MOMENT: the household getting the flu 3 days after AJ was due to be born. We actually switched our prayers from wanting him to come to wanting him to stay in and “cook” a little longer!

N – NEVER HAVE I: been in a hot air balloon–I would LOVE to some day!

O – ODD HABIT: running my hands through my hair

P – PROFESSION: wife to Benjamin, momma to Madelyn and Anderson, homemaker

Q – QUOTE: “God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

“God does not give us grace for our imaginations.” Elisabeth Elliot

R – REASON TO SMILE: I have been reconciled to God through Christ!

S – SORRY ABOUT: how inconsistent I’ve been with blogging!

T – TAG SOME FRIENDS: Bethany, Audrey, Lori

U – UNINTERESTED IN: professional sports and tanning (yes and Amen, Suzannah! I had a horrible tanning experience in High school!)

V – VERY IMPRESSED BY: people who can drive backwards and parallel park with ease!

W – WORST HABIT: checking and rechecking my email over and over throughout the day!!

X – X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: OCNJ with family and one day I’ve love to go to Dubrovnik Croatia again

Y – YUMMIEST DESSERT: Ice cream cake. YUM!

Z – ZODIAC SIGN: Saggitarius


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