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May 12, 2008

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An Aircast and Crutches…a Sign of God’s Kindness?

It started like an ordinary day…an ordinary basketball game…and then Ben fell. The story is a bit “confusing”….sometimes he fell on another guys foot…sometimes he fell on the way down from a 360 Slam Dunk…. But yeah, the point is still the same: Ben hurt his ankle. This was on Thursday. The next day we headed to the foot doctor our host family goes to. We were treated with such kindness from God during that visit! The moment the doctor saw Ben’s ankle he said “Wow, thats gross.” Not exactly words of comfort. Three X-Rays later the doctor returns to say “You’re a lucky son of a gun!” Apparently, the doctor, from looking at this ankle before the x-ray, thought Ben’s ankle was broken in two places, had ligament damage and cartiledge damage. The doctor believed that it would have cost approximately $15,000 including surgery! The x-rays however showed no break whatsoever! Indeed, he does have two torn ligaments and possibly some cartiledge damage. Surgery is a possibilty in the future, but we are so grateful that God has sustained Ben’s ankle thus far! Lord willing, Ben will walk across the stage to get his diploma, not crawl, or wheel himself! (Though, I must say God would still be kind and good if this was what He had planned for us!) We’re also grateful that the doctor charged us about $300 less than we expected, another blessing in this financially tight season! God continues to provide so abundantly!! So yes, a mere aircast is indeed a sign of God’s kindness towards us. Ben’s ankle is starting to feel a bit better. The doctor will see him again in another week and a half to make sure the ligaments are reconnecting or something that ligaments supposedly do in healthy young men! If you think of us, please pray for Ben as he recovers. And pray for us…that AJ would no longer smack the aircast because it makes a cool sound, that Maddie would understand why she can’t wrestle with Daddy right now, and that I would stop accidentally kicking his ankle…yeah, I’ve done it at least a half dozen times already! Thanks!


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