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May 16, 2008

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Another Opportunity to Trust in the Lord…

aka: Officially the Mom of a Boy

Two days ago marked a new season of my life. I endured my first ER visit with AJ that required stitches. It happened all so fast. AJ went chasing after Daddy out of our little room in the basement. I quickly picked him up and brought him back into our room…so he would be safe…he instantly turned around and went right towards the door again. Unfortunately, he lacked balance and plowed right into the corner of the closet that juts out to the left of the door. Sigh.

A few moments later we were at the PACKED emergency room waiting for him to be seen. It was obvious the moment the blood slowed down that he needed stitches–right in the middle of his forehead. I fought away thoughts of kids teasing him by calling him “Harry Potter” for the rest of his life 🙂 God was SO kind to us during our time at the hospital! AJ had such a happy and joyful spirit! He was laughing, talking, behaving normally the entire time while waiting. We are grateful he showed no sign of trauma or concusion. He cried quite a bit when they put numbing cream on it and then again, of course during the stitches. Another sign of God’s mercy–because it was so busy there, a plastic surgeon was already there to care for another patient. So, AJ was stitched up by the best guy there. It was so difficult holding him down while they stitched him. I wanted so badly to comfort him, but all my words fell short. So I tried my best to stay calm and gently cuddle him as best I could. I have a new appreciation and respect for all parents who endure long seasons of caring for their children during sickness. I was exhausted after only a 15 minute procedure. But more than that, as I continue to think back to that experience, I am even more grateful to God the Father for sending His son Jesus to the cross to suffer and die for sinners like me. I cannot even imagine.

So, AJ is doing fine. In fact, I think he’s doing the best out of everyone here! He continues to be his wild and happy self! Mommy is still a bit shaky…I’ve been gasping more than before at his stunts. But I know God will continue to be faithful and will provide the grace we need for whatever He plans next!

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