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May 21, 2008

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My Manly Men

Just wanted to share with you what manly men I have in my life! Here is a picture of AJ with his stitches. You can hardly tell–just a little skin-toned bandage. If that didn’t make him manly enough, this morning when I came in to get him, the bandage was stuck to his shirt…stitches stuck to the bandage! After I finished freaking out, mostly inwardly :), it looked like it was healed completely, just a little pink. I put another bandage on it and called his doctor. He isn’t concerned but does want to see him on Friday to make sure it healed properly. So now it leaves me wondering, did the Stinker pull it off his forehead, or did it come off in his sleep? I guess I’ll never know.

On to manly man #2…my hubby! Not only did Ben travel home to PA to paint our kitchen and dining room with a bum ankle (Thanks Damien and Matt for your help!!!!) but he’s also quite a catcher! Monday was our last date night of the PC year. We celebrated big by going to a Nationals vs Phillies baseball game. Our dear, dear host family agreed to watch the kids a bit early so we could watch batting practice. While we were there, a ball was hit right to Ben, who WITHOUT a glove caught it! What a man! Thanks, honey, for working hard to paint the kitchen and dining room before we got home—what a gift you are to us! And thanks for our many date nights this year–you have made these times such a priority to you and I am so grateful!


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