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May 28, 2008

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Some Fun in the Sun

We’ve had some great times together as a family the past week. And yes, we’ve managed to remember the sun screen, bandaids, and hats that AJ now requires for his scar. (Which, speaking of, is continuing to heal though still isn’t pretty looking. We’ve finally found some bandaids that he can’t rip off, but neither can we!!! We’re continuing to seek God’s wisdom for how to care for this wild guy and his little forehead.)
The kids and I went to the RIO last Monday to visit the ducks, upon Maddie’s request. We had a great time feeding them crackers and walking around. It was very important to Maddie that EVERY duck was fed! We did our best.

The beautiful RIO! Oh we’ll miss this place!

Ok, not our best picture. Its been a bit of a challenge getting both kids to look at the camera and smile!

Maddie feeding the duckies

That evening the Linn’s invited us along to their family night at Jimmy Cone. It was a struggle for me to order “jimmies” rather than “sprinkles” but other than that we had a blast!

AJ and his girlfriend 🙂

The boys being boys at Jimmy Cone’s tree

Jim, Marianne, Benny and Maddie Moo

Joanna, AJ, the the Linn’s neigbors (and best friends!) Elise and “Chi-Chi”

Robert, James and Jonathan

Then over Memorial Day we finally took the trek to DC as a family to visit the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. We had a great time, though AJ didn’t find it all as exciting as we did! In a few years I’m sure we’ll have to pull him away from all those dinosaur bones! There was also a great parade later that afternoon–Maddie loved waving to everyone. Hey Mom, even Mickey Rooney was there!

Maddie and Daddy with the Hippo, making Hippo faces!

Touching real dinosaur bones!

Part of the Parade

Yummy! The best part of Maddie’s day!


So, we have only 12 days left. Wow. Please pray for us as we try to soak in all that we can these last few days, on top of packing everything! The next few posts I will be doing, Lord willing!, will be an attempt to thank all of the people who made this year so wonderful for us!! So, stay tuned!


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