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June 2, 2008

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Happy Anniversary and Thank You Day #1

Yesterday Ben and I celebrated our 6th anniversary! Yay! Its hard to believe we’ve been married 6 years already–its gone by so fast! We feel so blessed that God has given us so much time together, and now our dear children as well. Each year we fall deeper and deeper in our love and appreciation of one another!! We had a great day together–starting with Cov. Life’s Pastor College send off, where they prayed for us and thanked us. Next, we had Ben’s meal of choice–cheese burgers, doritos, corn on the cob, and oreo cream pie. Then we were able to meet a bunch of Cov. Life people–a family the Linns knew, and one of the care groups that “adopted” us this year. Which leads me into our first thank you post…

Thank you Covenant Life Church!
We have felt so cared for by you this year! From the very first Sunday when we were greeted with warm smiles and applause, to car washes, picnics, special dinners, gift cards, visits, memory books…the list could go on and on. Its unbelievable how many members of Cov. Life invest their time in caring for the Pastors College families! Our adoptive care groups have prayed for us, invited us to picnics, shared meals with us, shared their lives with us, given us gift cards and welcome cards. They have given this year even more of a personal touch to such a large church. Our children have been well cared for in Children’s ministry, PC events where they’ve provided child care, and the single ladies who have throughout the year volunteered to watch the kids for us to attend our many, many meetings and events. A special thanks goes to my personal baby-sitting hero, Hannah. Hannah serves our family and a few other PC families faithfully, without asking for any pay in return. On top of that, she has given us gifts and has had a sincere desire to get to know us. She is a servant-extrordinare!!! We see her all over church serving in different areas and each time, she has a big smile on her face. She serves with such joy!! God is using her to care for and demonstrate His love to so many!

Hannah, you have taken such great care of our kids! They love you and we love you, too!!!
Thank you for your love and care for our family! We will miss you!!!


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