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June 14, 2008

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More Thank Yous!

Well, we’re officially with internet again 🙂 Ahh….its nice to be updated on the outside world once more. Before I post about graduation, I wanted to make sure I thanked some more people first!

1. Our Dear Church–Christ Community Church

Thank you dear friends for praying for us, visiting us, writing letters to us, sending packages to us, taking care of our PA house for us, visiting my family and making meals for my parents while my mom recovered from surgery…truly the list could go on and on!!! You have time and time again demonstrated God’s love to us in tangible ways. We love you and simply cannot think of a better place to serve God than with you dear people!!! We are SOOOOOO excited to join you again on Sunday! Lord willing, for the rest of our lives!!! WE LOVE YOU!

2. Our Families

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mimi, Pappy, Granny and Bo-Bo!!! We have felt so care for and supported by you during this year away. You have sacrificed much in letting us go–taking time to check on our home, traveling hours to visit us, but mostly in missing out on sweet time with your grandchildren. Thank you. We are truly blessed to have you as our parents (and grandparents!) Thank you, Mom and Dad, for taking the kids home to PA ahead of us so that we could say our ‘goodbyes’ and pack. It was such a blessing. And thanks, Mom and Dad Ross, for coming to spend graduation with us. It was a wonderful weekend and we are so glad both sets of parents could be there to spend it with us!! WE LOVE YOU!

3. Our Host Family–The Linn’s.

We truly can’t imagine our year without you, dear Linn family! It has been hard living without you this week–we felt so comfortable in your home that it truly did feel like our home! You are now officially each a part of our family and we love you like family. I know my words fall short to express our gratefulness to you for the way you’ve welcomed us into your lives, cared for us, prayed for us, embraced us so openly. We love you and are grateful to God for. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE LINNS!!!!

Our Sad Goodbye Picture with the Linns (sorry its blurry)

Our Happy Goodbye Picture with the Linns


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