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June 16, 2008

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Pastors College Graduation Weekend
We had a wonderful last weekend in Gaithersburg, full of fun memories with friends and family. Most of the pictures posted are courtesy of the Dragos since I still haven’t found the time to edit mine (the lighting was pretty bad on my graduation pics).

Friday evening Hannah came by with gifts for the family–finally, we got pictures with her! Oh Hannah, we miss you already!

Saturday evening our dear friends and neighbors Audrey and Damien came up. We celebrated with Ledo’s Pizza (only the best in the world, maybe second to Mack and Mancos in OCNJ). We then got caught in a huge thunderstorm at Brusters Ice Cream…yeah, the second scoop was free but most of it melted on Benny 🙂
Sunday morning my parents met us at church, we had a great lunch together, then they took our kiddos back home to Pennsylvania. Thanks again Mom and Dad, the kids had a great time and it was such a gift to be able to slowly pack up and say our goodbyes. That afternoon we took the Dragos down to the Rio so we could have one last visit there. A few hours later Ben’s parents and grandma arrived and it was time to begin our graduation festivities!!
Like every event planned by the Pastors College, it totally exceeded any expectation I had for the evening! It began with a beautiful and delicious dessert reception and followed with a very meaningful graduation ceremony. I cannot tell you how proud I was of my wonderful husband as he received his diploma!! He has worked so hard this year, not only as a student but as a husband and father. The president of Sovereign Grace Ministries, C.J. Mahaney, gave a very sobering address to the men, reminding them of the honor and priviledge and responsibility it is to care for the very people Christ died on the cross to save. It was a wonderful evening!

The PC wives

The PC Students

Ben and I with our friends Rob and Michelle from Texas

The guys with C.J.My handsome hubby getting his diploma

Ben and I with Marianne and Jim Linn

Our Christ Community Church family, C.B., Shannon, Audrey and Damien

The next morning our dear friend and babysitter, Hannah, came by to help us pack up, along with the Linns and Dragos. In no time, it seemed everything was ready to go. After saying goodbye to the Linns, all the while sobbing uncontrollably, I hopped into the Subaru and headed back home to PA. And now, here I am in my bedroom, typing this post. I can’t believe 10 months have come and gone so quickly. Its my prayer that God will give me the grace and ability to apply all of the sweet lessons He’s taught me this year, through friends, mentors, pastors, and His word. What an amazing year. What a gift. And yes, in a lot of ways, I guess the adventure has only begun!!!!

Ben and I on the Linn’s porch…before the ugly crying began 🙂

Thanks to all of you who have supported us this year by reading the blog, commenting, sending emails, and praying for us. We are grateful to you all!


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