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June 28, 2008

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For Joanna…

As per your request, here are some pictures of the kiddos. I took you through a typical day…though I forgot to take pictures around bedtime πŸ™‚ Just imagine them sleeping all cuddled up in their beds. πŸ™‚
Morning Time…always begins with some cuddling in bed before breakfast…
Family Breakfast time…yay–Daddy gets to eat with us!

Morning Devotions…Maddie looks so devout and serious πŸ˜‰

Some Sesame Street…

Kmart Run to pick up some last minute vacation items…

After nap Snuggles!

Practicing their Surfing Skills…

Playroom Play time!

Afternoon Snacks outside. “Hurrah, Cheese and Pretzels!” AJ is very excited!

Hope you enjoyed a look at our day, Joanna. (any everyone else!) We miss you.

We’re going on vacation this week with my family. Hurrah! So, though the blog will be silent for a bit, I’m sure we’ll have lots to share when we return!


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