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July 11, 2008

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Anderson Family Vacation–2008

We recently returned from our summer vacation with my parents and sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, Brayden. (and of course my sisters ‘baby in belly’, soon to be Ryan!) We had a great time!!! My parents are such generous people, and we always are so blessed by the time they invest in our lives! Here are a few highlights of the trip…

The house my parents rented is on the corner, which provides lots of great space for the kiddos to explore. The rocks were a big hit!

My mom is so creative! Not only did she come up with a fun Taste Testing event for our 2nd annual celebration of the Hot Dog eating competition on the Forth of July, but she prepared crafts for the kids to make. Here were the foam visors and sunglasses. She also made sea shell and noodle necklaces! Big hits all around. See AJ sporting his “sunnies” below!

Elton John as a toddler.

Our pathetic attempt at a group shot…

note the sunglasses on AJ’s doll

wait…how did AJ get a doll?

and, what is he doing to the doll?

we lost maddie. and brady is seriously concerned.

Our Beach Babies…

More to come…


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