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July 18, 2008

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A Scar Update and an Exciting Find!

As I type, I realize I never finished my vacation update. Well, I guess you’ll just have to ask me about it sometime. Lets move on, shall we?

Some far-away friends have asked about how Anderson’s forehead is recovering. Here are two pictures of his scar–shortly after it happened and just a few days ago.
This is late May/Early June, after he ripped out the stitches
This is a few days ago.
As you can see, he likes to suck his bottom lip in slightly when he’s not smiling. So cute. Anyway, the scar looks pretty much the same as it was 2 months ago. It’s slightly less red. What I have noticed though, from rubbing Mederma on it several times a day, is that its not as raised or bumpy anymore, its starting to feel a bit more “normal.” Ah, the adventures of my wild little boy!
And now for the exciting find!!!
In Maryland I had a desk in our bedroom that was used just for my quiet times in the morning. It was all set up with my bible, journal, commentary, books, pens, little post-it tabs (my new favorite thing!!!), note cards… all sorts of goodies! I loved it and though it definately didn’t make me any more godly, it made it much easier for me to have a focused time of reading and prayer each morning. When we returned to Pennsylvania, I wanted to create a place like that at home. After much looking, Ben and I couldn’t find anything that fit into both the price and “cozy” categories. AND THEN IT HAPPENED!!! Yesterday while we were taking a walk in our neighborhood, we passed by a couple that had placed furniture in their driveway that they no longer wanted. And there she was…the most perfect and beautiful desk for my morning quiet times! And she was only $25!!! YAY! What a sweet gift from God!

Here she is with the drawer-thingy up, and the photo below is with the drawer-thingy down, all ready to go!


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