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September 4, 2008

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We’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks with visitors. We absolutely love having guests, especially after our PC experience and witnessing such hospitality from our host family–it continues to be an example to us in openning our homes to others. We got to spend some great time with college friends from both Pitt and Grove City, along with their spouses, children, and children-to-be…how wonderful to see God’s blessing on these dear friends! Here are some pics of our time with sweet little Samuel Good.

Happiness is….

Yesterday Maddie, AJ and I were eating ice pops after our evening walk when Maddie asked, “Momma, are you happy?” After I told her I was she asked “why?” (This has become her new favorite question for everything!?!?) So, I went on to list some of the things that made me happy…

  • my salvation
  • my maddie and aj and their daddy
  • my family and friends
  • my home

So I went on to ask Maddie if she was happy, to which she replied “yes, Momma.” I asked what made her happy and here was the list that followed…

  • books
  • my ice pop
  • my clothing 🙂

So just for kicks I then asked AJ, pretty sure he wouldn’t give me an answer, but to my surprise he said yes. I asked him what made him happy and here was the list that followed…

  • pappy
  • mimi
  • mommy

So, there it is. My happy kids: just give them a grandparent and some icepops and they will be happy campers 🙂


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