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September 29, 2008

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Madelyn Elizabeth!
We celebrated Maddie’s third birthday today–and in honor of her special day, and her love of all things pink, I’m using this pink font 🙂 Maddie asked for a Cinderella Castle cake this year for her birthday–she loves Cinderella. In fact, in the past few weeks has asked for a Cinderella backpack, a Cinderella scooter, a Cinderella motorcycle, a Cinderella lunch box, and one day to see a Cinderella rock band! I think she has high hopes for the Disney corporation!
So, Mommy attempted a pink Cinderella castle cake. We’re continuing her birthday celebration tomorrow, so more to come later. Here is a glimpse of God’s kindness to us, through the gift of Madelyn these past three years. I continue to be amazed at what a gift and blessing she is to us. God has used her to sharpen us, to soften us, to teach us, to amaze us, and to grow us closer to Him and each other. Thank you Lord for Madelyn!!!!
the day she came home from the hospital

her first birthday

her second birthday

our three year old


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