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October 8, 2008

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I Love the Fall!!!

I absolutely do…fall, by far, is my favorite season. I love how dark it is in the morning when I wake up–it makes me feel productive and so quaint–like I’m the only awake! I love the brisk cool walks in jeans and sweaters and comfy shoes. I love watching the leaves change colors. I love the pumpkins and apples and all things cinnamon-scented. I LOVE THE FALL!

I’m so grateful to be living in an area of the world where we experience all the seasons, and truly there is something I love about each season, but Autumn far surpasses them all, in my book.

Here are some fall delights for our family so far this season….

*High School Football Games!
My sister and brother-in-law and my parents live within walking distance of my old High School, so we love to walk up to the game, sit all cuddled in blankets outside of the gates (free!) and watch the game. Okay, I don’t really watch the game. Mostly I watch the people watching the game, reminise with my sister and her hubby about our old high school days, sing along to the band songs, and watch Maddie roll down the hill. Oh, and we’ve actually only done this once so far, but we had such a great time I want to make this a new Fall tradition. (Yay Betsy for moving back to our lovely old hometown!!! We love having you and the family close by!!!)
* Weaver’s Orchard!
This was our first time as a family of 4 going to the orchard to pick out pumpkins. What a blast! It was fun watching them carefully examine which pumpkin to pick, chase after the orchard’s cat, spy on the goats and chickens, and play on the swings. And another bonus of Monday mornings–barely anyone was there! After picking out our pumpkins, we picked up some whoopie pies (YUM!), bought some paint, and headed home to paint our masterpieces! Maddie also wanted to make this pumpkin birdfeeder we saw in a magazine recently. I don’t know if any birds have actually eaten out of it yet, but it was fun to make and I think its cute!

* Fall Decorations!
I regularly steal decorating ideas from magazines, blogs, friends, anywhere I get the inspiration. I have absolutely no self-possessed creativity but thank God for those who do!

* Fall Goodies!
So far I’ve made far too many pumpkin desserts. From bread to cake to pie, I just can’t get enough of it! I even gave in and bought the more expensive coffee creamer just so I could have the pumpkin flavor! I also tried to make toasted pumpkin seeds. The last time I attempted this (um…5 years ago!) It was a total disaster. So, I finally got brave enough to give it a second go. Half I sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and the other half I sprinkled with salt and a tiny bit of garlic powder. YUM! Sadly, I don’t think I’ve even plumbed the depths of my pumpkin obsession. Got any good pumpkin recipes for me to try?

How do you like to enjoy the Fall?

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