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October 10, 2008

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Tag: I’m It! or Why I Love my Husband!

I’ve been tagged by my friend Amy to write the top 5 reasons for why I love my husband…here goes 🙂

1) My Hubby Loves God

This by far is the most imporant reason for why I love Benny. His love for God effects all that he does, including being a husband and a father. He loves me better because He primarily loves the Lord. Thank you God for saving my husband!!

2) My Hubby Cares for me So Well

Whether its watching the kids after dinner so I can clean up, sharing with me what He read in his quiet times, or sending me funny emails to brighten my day, Ben is always showing his care for me. He knows me well and reminds me of this!

3) My Hubby is Intentional with His Time

Ben’s life has gotten busier now that he’s a Pastoral Intern (though not as busy as last year at the PC, I don’t think!?!?), but our family doesn’t feel this from him. He uses his time wisely and makes the most out of the time he has. The kids and I always feel like a priority to him.

4) My Hubby is Romantic

From letters, to poems, to surprise gifts or get-aways, he’s always thinking of ways to show me his love and affection. I don’t deserve this guy!!!

5) My Hubby is a Wonderful Daddy!

I love watching Ben play with the kids–they love him! He is so silly with them. There is always much giggling and rolling and rumbling around on the floor when the three them get together! But he is also so consistent and gentle and loving towards them. Every morning they ask for Daddy and every night they ask for Daddy and often in between! They just can’t get enough time with their daddy and neither can I!

Benjamin, I love you!

So, now its my turn to play tag 🙂 Audrey, Trisha, Beth, Shannon, and Michelle D…..you’re IT!


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