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November 25, 2008

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Book Recommendation
I have a few things I want to post about in the next few weeks but before I do, I wanted to write a short book recommendation.
I had never been huge on commentaries, (books that are written to give insight on books of the bible) mostly because I had trouble understanding them! The past commentaries I had tried to read seemed so heavy and intellectual that I was discouraged pretty quickly from trying any more! So, Ben became my commentary 🙂 And actually, even still, he is such a blessing and resource to me as I seek to better understand Scripture. But, about a year or so ago Ben caught wind of a commentary series that he thought I might like. Its called the Reformed Expository Commentary series and I am totally in love! What I love about this series is that each book contains historically and theologically rich insight, but it is written by men who have pastoral hearts and help you to apply the text to your Christian life. I’ve had the chance to read through a few so far and each one not only has broadened my understanding of God’s word, but they have increased my gratefulness and love for the Savior!

Currently I am reading through the commentary of Hebrews. I’ve so enjoyed reading this along with the book of Hebrews! Here is a recent quote from the author of the commentary, Richard D. Phillips, commenting on Hebrew 7:11-19.

“This is Christ’s goal and desire, the end of his labor–not only to see us justified and forgiven of our sins, but actually lead into relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, who gives us power to stop being law-breakers and instead to be law-keepers through faith in Christ. This leads to very practical questions: Do you live in fellowship with God? Through God’s Spirit, do you know and relate to him? Do you talk with God in prayer? Does His voice speak to your mind and your heart as you receive his Word in the Scriptures? Are you living in new obedience by his power, with evidence of His fruit growing in your life? This is the true Christian life, and everything short of it is a counterfeit. The Christian life is life in the Spirit of God, obeying and drawing near to God in spirit and truth. This is not mysticism. It is not irrational, nor does it depend on emotions. Rather, it is the life of spiritual communion with God himself as he takes the Word he has given and writes it on our hearts and minds, on the tablets of our very souls, through the Holy Spirit as we trust in Christ as our Savior and Lord.”


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