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December 17, 2008

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“In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman…”
(and some memories, a Gingerbread House, and some Christmas decorations…)

Ben is such a creative husband and daddy and is always looking for ways to surprise and bless us. Recently, Ben surprised the kids with a dinner and movie night to watch Peter Pan. In order to earn their prize, however, they needed to find 5 “golden tickets” throughout the house. Once found, we would eat dinner and watch the movie. The kids were so excited!

Maddie found a ticket…AJ found some fruit snacks 🙂
Maddie and AJ with their host “Hampton P. Smigglesworth” or something like that!?!

Maddie showing off her glow bracelets that she won in a coloring contest at Friendly’s while eating her pizza and watching Peter Pan

The Names of Jesus Garland
A little while back I found an idea on a blog I follow, The Homespun Heart. I modified it to suit my style and though I am not a huge fan of how the printing turned out, I do like the finished project. The one you can see below said “Prince of Peace” the rest are “Wonderful Counselor” “Almighty God” “Everlasting Father” “Emmanuel” “Jesus” and “Savior”

Building a Gingerbread House
Recently we had the Drago girlies over and we built a gingerbread house together. They all did a great job taking turns and AJ and Lydia enjoyed watching all the action!

The finished product…the girls were proud!

Our ‘Snow Man’ and ‘Snow Lady’ as Maddie called them

The kids all bundled up

The snow was too icy to really play in, but they loved the crunching noise when they walked around!

Maddie and AJ with “Snow Man” (Mulch eyes and mouth with Carrot nose!)

Maddie and AJ with ‘Snow Man’ and ‘Snow Lady’

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