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January 9, 2009

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Our new Preschooler!
Yesterday marked an exciting day in our home
–Maddie had her first “day” of school! Okay, okay, kindergarten is actually still two years away (YIKES!) but Maddie has so enjoyed hearing of her friends Emme and Josiah having school that she too wanted to “Do School”! So, Ben and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to start doing some semi-formal preschool lessons with her.

It was so wonderful to go down into the basement and get out all my old teaching supplies, prepare a little “office” for myself, and get things ready. I had such a worshipful moment realizing that God knew I would someday be using these materials for my favorite students of all, my children. Thank you, Lord. So below are some pictures of our first day. We decided to have AJ join along, and though Mommy was the one who did most of his work, he was an eager student and actually sat in his chair the ENTIRE half hour! This is a pretty big deal for him! And Maddie did great–she was so eager, attentive, and did a great job completing her ‘book’. YAY!

Ben had to stop home quick, so we were actually able to get a group shot!

My very well behaved student!

Our first lesson was on colors. After reading the book, she created her own Color Book (idea borrowed from Julie V) by gluing magazine pictures to the corresponding color page

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