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January 24, 2009

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In Preparation…

A few weeks ago my husband had a wonderful idea. I must clarify that he often has wonderful ideas–Ben is much more creative than I am in planning memories for our family–and boy I’m grateful! His most recent wonderful idea though revolves around this little toy cow. That evening, he suggested we take the kids to Target to buy a gift for the baby.

One of the many things uniquely different about the adoption is that we have no time-line. With pregnancy, we knew that they would arrive around 9 months and be no more than 2 weeks late. With the adoption, we have been told it could take anywhere from a few months after we’ve been approved to a few years. How do you prepare for that? How do you prepare your children for that? So, when we’re not filling out paper work, reading required books on adoption, or scheduling appointments, there have been many times that I’ve actually forgotten we’re adopting! With our pregnancies I had my expanding belly, nausea, and other strange bodily symptoms to constantly remind me that soon a baby would be joining our family. SO, all that to say, Ben thought have a physical reminder would be helpful for all of us that Lord willing, we will soon have a baby joining our family. This little cow is what Maddie and AJ picked out.

So, if you come to our house you’ll see a little toy sitting on our china cabinet, and its picture on our computer wallpaper. At first glance, yeah, it seems kind of silly, but to us its a reminder of what God may bring into our lives, another blessing, another gift from Him for us to raise for His glory.

If you think of us, please pray for this little one. Please pray for the birth mother. Please pray for us. We have our first interview with the agency on Monday. There is a series of three interviews as part of the home study process. Once they are completed, there are a few more forms and legalities to complete and then Lord willing we will be approved to adopt. Thanks for joining us in this adventure!


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