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February 3, 2009

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Anderson Jay!

Today is our dear, sweet A.J.’s second birthday. I truly cannot believe he is 2 already! Every mother believes their children are wonderful, and I am no exception. There is just a special place in my heart for my Roo-y. (That’s our nickname for him, and though we’re not sure why we call him that, it definitely suits him…and poor kid, its here to stay) We’ve had a nice long weekend celebrating his life. Sunday we had a little family party for him, yesterday he had his 2 year pictures taken then lunch at Chuck E. Cheese, and today he had a morning mini-cupcake, wore the “happy birthday hat” (a tradition for each kid, every year, to get their picture taken wearing this big birthday hat), and he will have his favorite dinner tonight–hot dogs and french fries.

I love so much about my little guy, but I think my favorite is the combination of wild child and momma’s boy that I find in him. He’s crazy at times, running, yelling, laughing, getting into all sorts of trouble, and all with a naughty smile on his face. Other moments, he crawls up into my arms, asking “Hold you Mommy?”, pats me on the back, sucks on his thumb, and cuddles to his mommy’s delight. I love this! He is such a precious gift from the Lord!

Happy Birthday, A.J.! Your mommy and daddy and big sister love you very much!


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