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May 11, 2009

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Our Week in Review…also known as Super Long Post

We’ve had a pretty busy week and built lots of fun memories!

It started for me with a visit to see my new mommy friends from college–Becky and Kate and their two adorable kiddos Jack and Caleb. I had such a wonderful time visiting them and it was so neat to see them embracing the newborn stage–acid reflux, sleepless nights and all 🙂 Love you girls, thanks for letting me come and visit!
And I’ve gotta say, so nice to hold a little one who can’t crawl or run away!!

The week started for the kids with a free pass to our local museum from our local library! Yay! I don’t know if libraries do this across the country, but you should totally check and see. We received a free weekly pass to our local museum for two adults and four children over 4. Being that I’m one adult and my kids are under 4, I was able to bring along my sister and her kiddos the one day and Audrey and her kiddos the next day. What fun we had!

Brayden at the “hands on” exhibit in the museum

Highlights (according to the kids):
1. dinosaur bones
2. (fossilized) shark poop

3. (chinese) puppets
4. crocodile skull
5. the talking man (a talking replica of the guy who founded the museum–I thought it was totally creepy but the kids can’t stop talking about him)

I loved looking at the art work and enjoyed a week off from planning preschool lessons!

Another new development in our family this week is that AJ has really gotten a hang of this dress-up imaginary world that Maddie lives in. For awhile, the poor kid would try to put on her dresses and be a princess too, but he finally figured out he can be a prince and knight. So, clad with cape (or armor if he wears it backwards) he dances with his princess or fights dragons. SO FUN! Maddie loves her new playmate and is learning to “let go” when he decides he’s done being a prince.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day again this year, this time we had a cookout with Ben’s parents. I had such a nice time talking with my Mother-in-law and hearing the kids sing me their version of a mother’s day song (happy birthday with changed words!). Maddie even let me wear the pink hawaiin lei (we had a luau theme), so I know that was the sacrifice she made for me on my special day. She has informed me that when its her special day, however, she’ll wear the pink lei and I’ll wear the purple lei 🙂

Then today, our “day off” together as a family. We had such a great time! Today was a “Surprise Day” for the kids, including a local park, Chick fil-A, Target, and dinner on the floor watching Bolt. The kids love surprises and we love surprising them!


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