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June 19, 2009

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Happy Father’s Day: A Tribute to two of the best Daddy’s out there

I feel very blessed to have a wonderful father and a wonderful husband who is also a wonderful father! Here is just a little tribute to both!

My poor dad grew up in a house full of girls–even the dog and the cat were females :)–but he would always tell us he loved it and wouldn’t want it any other way. And we always truly knew that, and still now, know that. As a girl my dad would always play with us, whether it was him letting us do his hair, or playing “Smurfs” together, or playing “Ticklemonster” we always knew he loved us. And as we got older, I’m sure there were some awkward moments for him, being the father of teenage girls, who (lets face it) were pretty awkward themselves. But still, we never doubted his love for us. Dad was very protective of us, taught us lots of valuable lessons, and often reminded us of the importance of family. When Ben and I got married, and shortly after, Betsy and Matt got married, we were excited for Dad to finally have some men in the family! What a blessing that the three of them get along so well and are often spending time together, even without the ladies of the family! And now, as a grandfather, I’m seeing yet another wonderful side of him. I love watching my dad play with the kids. “Pappy” is a wonderful friend and playmate for them. And already, they know where to go for snacks. (“I love Pappy,” Maddie says, “but sometimes he feeds me too much!!”) Happy Father’s Day, daddy! I love you very much and am SO glad that God gave me you as my earthly father!

I am also extremely blessed to have Benjamin as the father of my kiddos. There are so many things I love about the way Ben cares for us as a family and for the kids in particular. Today I was reminded of another….Once a month I get together for a morning with my friend Shannon. During that time Ben and the kids have a little tradition. They go to the mall. Well, today I made the “mistake” of going to the mall with the kids on my own. It was so cute to hear them tell me how to “do” the mall. And boy was it hard to explain that we couldn’t get a pretzel this time! (Apparently this is a crucial step in the mall experience with Daddy!) But their enthusiam in showing me their monthly routine proved what a special time it is with their daddy. I am so grateful that Ben enjoys spending so much time with them. And they know without a doubt that he loves them. Each morning when Ben has to go to work Maddie sadly laments, “But Daddy, we didn’t play yet!” They love their playmate. But Ben is so much more than that–he cares for their souls, prays for them, reads to them, cuddles them, and spends time really getting to know them. Thank you, Benny! I am so glad God gave me you as the father of my children!

Happy Father’s Day!


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