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June 30, 2009

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Our Month in Review
I’ve been a pretty crummy blogger lately, so I thought rather than type up a half a dozen posts, I’ll just do a little review of the month right here in pictures…

Yet another reason Ben is such a great daddy!

Maddie and AJ found my old whistle. It took approximately 3 minutes for me to create a new “No whistle-blowing in the House” rule.

The kids love going on our at least weekly “Wawa Walk.” There is a great trail behind a local Wawa that I used to use as a kid, now I take the kids there all the time to walk, run, feed the ducks, and explore.

When I saw this tree I knew it would be perfect for an “Awkward Family Photo” a la the Ross family 🙂

My kids love sugar…

…and then falling in pine needles while being covered in sugar….

Dutch Wonderland…this time with Daddy!
AJ has inherited my affection for “spinny rides”…it hasn’t even started yet! The cried the entire time and then after it was over clapped and yelled “I did it! I’m brave!”

And my very own Mr. Potato Head…I love the things he thinks up 🙂


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