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August 5, 2009

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Our Sweet Selah’s Story…
Well, I’m finally getting some time to write out how we got our sweet little girlie! God has blessed us tremendously through her life and we are grateful for His plans for us…oh, how they exceed any plans we could have created ourselves!

It all started a week before we left for vacation to OCNJ with my family. We received a ‘situation email’ from our social worker asking us to consider a baby girl who was already born in the month of May. As we had for each situation we had been given, Ben came home from work, read the email out loud, we briefly discussed it and prayed, then discussed it a bit more. What made this situation a bit different was that right away we felt an excitement to say “yes” to being considered for this situation. We wouldn’t hear if we would be chosen to parent this little girl for another week…when we’d be at the beach! It was a back and forth struggle while we waited…we’d get excited, then try to get un-excited, then get excited again 🙂 The day we expected to hear from our social worker Ben had planned to go golfing with my dad and brother in law, so we made the plan to not check our email or phones until we could be together, which was around 3pm. When Ben got home we checked our messages to find one from our social worker! As we were listening to our message, our social worker called on the other line. With the speaker phone on, we heard the great news–we were parents to a little girl! We were then able to speak to her interim care family over the phone to hear all the wonderful details of what she looked like, her likes and dislikes, and how she was doing, as well as schedule our first visit with her! ( Our agency transitions babies from interim care into their adoptive families to help them adjust better) It was a flood of emotions, and the following days proved to be the same! I think this was the equivalent of 9 months of pregnancy hormones hitting me in one week!!! 🙂

Our first visit with Selah was wonderful. We were surprised to feel such an immediate connection and a sense of completion to our family. She was and still is such a content and sweet baby girl! We had a few more visits with her and the interim care family and then on the 20th we were able to take her home. Oh how we love our Selah Marie! She has fit so wonderfully into our family and is adjusting very well. Each day we get more and more smiles and coos!

Thank you, to all our family and friends who have supported us during this process, and who will continue to do so, I am sure. We are grateful to God for you and cannot thank you enough for your prayers, encouragement, and excitement!

Here are some new pics of our “Selah Bean.”


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