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August 20, 2009

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Adjusting to Life as a Family of 5…

We’re grateful for everyone’s prayers, gifts, and encouragement during this transition period. And though there have been a few bumps (learning Selah is lactose intollerant… still trying to get this girl to sleep through the night, etc.) we have experienced so much peace and blessing and joy during this time!

Here are some wonderful ways we’ve seen God working:
* Selah loves her sister! She truly saves her biggest and sweetest smiles and coos for Madelyn!
*Maddie returns the love! She tells Selah all the time “When you get big we will be best friends!”
* Mommy is growing in patience and gentleness as she seeks to care for little
ones during the wee hours of the night/morning again!
* AJ hasn’t hurt Selah yet! Actually, though he is sometimes unintentionally rough, he has such love and compassion for his little sister! AJ is the first to want to comfort her when she cries!
* Daddy hasn’t had to do the “7pm Walk around the kitchen” move he did often with Maddie and AJ when they were babies more than once since Selah has been home–she is such a content baby!

* We received TWO grants from adoption grant agencies–what a blessing! This covered almost all of our BIG placement fee!
*We have received so much love and affection from family and friends as we’ve welcomed home Selah. It is amazing to witness this–Selah has been, from the start, accepted and loved and welcomed.

Thank you God for your amazing love and care for our family!

Here are some things we’ve done together as a family of 5:
* I’ve attempted and survived trips to Aldis and Target with just me and the kids. Whew!
* Chick-fil-A! We love going here and were relieved that Selah did so well! She amazes us with how content she is!
* Lots of walks. We sure look like quite a caravan now with one extra child. A double stroller plus a carrier or a wagon plus a single stroller…we get a few more looks now as we round the block!
*The swimming pool! Selah wasn’t too sure about it but she didn’t cry! Sadly, I forgot my camera 😦
* Cabellas! We had such a great time…here are some pics to prove it!


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