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September 23, 2009

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4 Months and 4 Years

The girlies in our family reach some milestones this month! Selah just recently turned 4 months and in a few days Madelyn will turn 4 years! Wow. Time has gone by so quickly. We have been enjoying our time with Selah…the two months we’ve had her have been such fun—we love watching her grow and reach new developmental marks like rolling over, tracking us with her eyes, responding to our voices, cooing, laughing, grabbing her feet and toys, as well as grabbing our faces. We have truly been blessed by this little one! And now we prepare for our oldest daughter to turn 4. I can’t believe it! Maddie is getting more grown up by the hour it seems, and she is such a help to me at home and a wonderful playmate to AJ and Selah. Here are some pictures of my beauties 🙂

Maddie’s first day of preschool

Maddie’s first day of ballet lessons

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