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February 28, 2010

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One Court Date Down…and 9 Months Old!

Selah had a big week! She turned 9 months old and we heard about her TPR court hearing all within a few days of each other!

Here are some pictures of Selah. She is such a character…we ge
t smile after smile from her, but put a professional photographer in front of her and she’s all serious. She’s that way with most people, actually, except for a few lucky individuals 🙂 Oh, she makes us work for it!

She also has TWO teeth now…her two bottom. That explains the day-time fussiness we’ve been seeing lately! And she is moving all around now. She’s
not technically crawling, but she’ll scootch, roll, and throw her body where she wants to go! It works pretty well, actually!

And the first big court date went successfully this week. The hearing was to terminate the birth parents’ legal rights. There was, naturally, excitement with this date, but some sadness as well. Just another reminder that we live in a broken world. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. But I am so grateful God has her with us, and we love her dearly. Soon we will get to schedule a court hearing to finalize the adoption where she will then legally become our child. YAY! That will be a happy, happy day, if the Lord sees fit!


6 Responses to “”

  1. i'm so glad the legal end is beginning to fall into place. that must be a big relief!i appreciated your comments, too, over my way. how awesome, that within your family, there is no concept of "other"–just five unique people loving each other and the Lord.grace and peace

  2. Beth Says:

    Love the pictures and we're so excited for Selah to 'officially' join the family. So great catching up yesterday!

  3. Audrey Says:

    Rejoicing over here at the Drago household that the court date was successful. Praise God for the blessing of Selah Marie! She is a cutie!Love you

  4. Joanna Says:

    oh so exciting.i was just praying for you this morning and wondering how the process was going. So good to hear things are coming along.God bless!Joanna

  5. Polly Says:

    fantastic blog, thank you!

  6. Loraena Says:

    she's beautiful! and I so understand about the mixed feelings with birthparents' rights…

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