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March 20, 2010

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P is for Potty Training, Puking, and Peek a Boo!

A few weeks ago Maddie learned about the letter P…a few weeks later we still haven’t made it to Q. Apparently, there is a lot of ‘p’ stuff going around our house!

We started “P” Week like we start most of our preschool weeks, discovering what words begin with that letter and sound. AJ right away chimed in…”Pee Pee!” “Poopy!” “Potty!” Ah, the mind of a 3 year old boy! šŸ™‚ But I decided to use it to my advantage. “AJ, wouldn’t it be great to learn how to use the potty like a big boy during our P week???” “YES!,” he exclaimed. And he did. The end.

Amazing!? We were totally shocked! That was all it took! Like a friend of mine said, if I knew it would have been that easy we would have had “P” Week months ago! I guess it just clicked for the guy! Night time has been a bit harder for him, though–he is such a sound sleeper. But we’re so very proud of our big boy!

Then our next week took a turn for the worst and along came “P”uking. Puking is something I wasn’t planning on teaching during “P” Week. However, it became the official theme of “P” Weeks #2 and #3. It all started with dear Maddie. Then she passed it to Selah. We took a few days off and it hit Mommy, then poor Granny got it and came back around to Daddy, who is currently recovering. Amazingly AJ missed out on the Puking lesson…hopefully. We are not going to make physical contact with any families for the next few days to be sure. It was terrible. But in the midst of it God definitely reminded me of His grace and how his plans, though different than mine, are better. In spite of the obvious grossness of it all, we all have been enjoying getting a lot of rest and it has been nice to not run so many errands. And Daddy has been around a lot more…though sadly its involved puke.

A bright and shining moment in our “P” Weeks though has been Selah learning to play Peek-a-boo! She actually has been doing it for a little while now but only recently is removing her hands in a more timely manner šŸ™‚ She would hold her hands up over her face for a LOOOONG time and not until we’d all sort of get tired and give up would she reveal herself. But this week she has been a lot of fun with Peek-a-Boo…using her bibs now too to cover herself up. And she usually is the one to initiate it now, which is really fun. Oh we love our girlie! Tomorrow she will be 10 months old, so be sure to check out our post for her soon. We have some exciting news!


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  1. Kelly,So sorry to hear you guys had that stomach bug! We had it a while back and it was nasty. Will be praying for complete recovery and that AJ doesn't get that part of your "P" lessons šŸ™‚ Missed seeing you at church today!Love,Lisa

  2. megan Says:

    Oh my dear graphic friend. šŸ™‚ HeheheSo sorry to hear about the length of the P lesson. Praying for your little family.How fun for Selah. Grawing and changing. Sure wish I got to see her in person at the conference. I wanted to squish her cute cheeks. Maybe you can do it for me.Grace to you!

  3. Linda Says:

    I'm eating lunch right now so I'm not going to address the majority of this post…. Way to go AJ! That's definitely a notch on the man belt! And Kelly, don't expect AJ to grow out of that mindset for a while. When my backseat is full of boys ages 6-10 I hear some very interesting noises. No wonder I thought boys were gross at that age!

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