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A Field Trip to The DUMP! November 16, 2010

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AJ has been wanting to be a garbage man for quite some time now.  We are impressed because this is definitely a step up from wanting to “lay on the sofa and watch movies all day” when he grows up.  And he’s realizing the sweetest part of the deal is driving the truck, that way he won’t get wet when it rains 🙂 (LOVE my boy!)  Well AJ has recently become friends with a boy who thinks just like him in these regards.  They have become fast friends, as have the rest of us with his family.  So sweet Sam invited AJ to visit the Pioneer Crossing Landfill for a class trip.  In fact, we were all invited!  We had an AMAZING time, really!  If you are local, definitely look into this for a field trip.  It’s so interesting and it’s free (and comes with all sorts of goodies!).  I think my kids were a little too young to understand the science that goes behind a lot of this process, but they still had a great time.  And my respect for the workers at landfills have gone up tremendously.  I’d love the take the kids here again when they are Jr. High/Sr. High age.  Here are some pics of the day.  And thanks, Jenni! We had a GREAT time!


2 Responses to “A Field Trip to The DUMP!”

  1. Julie Says:

    It was great to hear about your trip and see all the pictures! We are excited to, Lord WIlling, be able to go THIS FRIDAY! yay! 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    This looks like so much fun! If you ever go again, let us know…Jacob and Maggie love watching the trash trucks come to our neighborhood 🙂

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