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Our Christmas! January 21, 2011

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This year was by far our favorite Christmas since having children.  The kids are at such great ages, are so excited and grateful and just enjoy being with us and their family.  I wanted to bottle it up!

Christmas celebrations, in my book, start with the making of Christmas cookies.  This has been a long standing tradition in my family that the girls all get together to make cookies.  This year was especially fun because Maddie was actually a real help and enjoyed the day and because my grandparents joined us as well.  My mom’s house was full of good company, lots of laughs, and loads of cookies.

Next was our annual Gingerbread house project. Oh boy.  I bought such a high-maintenance house kit, unbeknown to me. That thing was stressful.  But we still had a great time with our sweet kiddos.

Then Christmas Eve…what a treat!  We had our service in a beautiful old church building in Shillington.  Some hightlights of the service for me was a real organ, singing Silent Night by candlelight and conducting my very first Children’s choir with my dear friend Jenni.  I wish I had pictures of that night–I think it will forever be a sweet memory.  Oh, and did I mention A.J. actually slept through the entire service?!  I have no idea why…he wasnt sick or anything, he just must have been really tired!

This year we had Christmas morning at our house with Ben’s parents and then we all went over to my parents house around lunchtime to celebrate there with a Christmas meal.

We feel truly blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate God sending Jesus for us, every day, but in this special holiday of Christmas as well. Hope you all had a very blessed Christmas season!


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