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Our Spring Happenings… April 25, 2011

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In an attempt to get “caught up” (haha!) with some blogging, I will do a picture post today with some of the fun things we’ve been up to over here.  Hopefully our Easter post will come soon 🙂 Highlights this spring include: Coloring Eggs and Decorating foam Eggs to decorate the house, Writing the letter “Ss” in corn meal ( pretend “Sand”), making homemade playdough for our “Pp” week and creating Rafts for our “Rr” Week. In new Ross family news, one can now find the three kids all laying in Selah’s crib in the mornings.  Its so adorable!  AJ often needs a boost up in there, but the three are content to laugh and play for a long time in there together. And our Selah just recently got her first satin sleeping cap, which has been recommended to us to help maintain the moisture in her hair and protect her hairstyles a bit better. She looks so stinkin’ cute in that thing!! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying Spring in your homes, too!


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