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Today was a Big Day! February 17, 2011

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Item #1: A.J. found the perfect slingshot stick today at the museum walking paths.  We have been researching how to make the perfect sling shot with daddy.  We’ll keep you posted 🙂

Item #2: Selah is so stinkin’ cute. Okay, I guess that’s not really “Big Day” material because she always has been, but I didn’t want her feeling left out.

Item #3: Maddie read a sentence for the first time! (The real purpose of this post 😉 )Actually, it was a title to a book she brought over to me today.  She wanted to know what it was called.  We hadn’t read this book in a really long time, but I wanted to see if maybe she could figure out some of the words by sounding them out.  And she did!  It took quite a bit of time and I realized I never explained what it meant to “blend” sounds together, so I had to quickly try to explain it to her, and she got it!  It was quite a moment of success for both Mommy and Maddie! So very proud of my little girly!  Tonight again before bedtime A.J. asked if we could read the book together (he was proud of Maddie but I think also feeling a bit left-out) and I told Maddie to chime in whenever she wanted to sound out a word.  She did a great job!  By the end she recognized/read  “Jack” ,”Jill”, “and”, “big”, “dog”, “up”, and “Bill”! And not to be outdone, A.J. chimed in too, though I think he just has a great memory and wasn’t really reading. 😉

It felt like such a privilege to witness this “first” with my girly!  At times I don’t take advantage of those “ordinary” moments with my kids as I would like to, so I’m grateful God helped me to slow down and spend that “teachable moment” with my little girl.  And I think it made both of us even more excited for what’s to come!!


Merry Christmas from the Ross Family! December 22, 2010

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For many reasons, we have decided not to do a formal Christmas card this year.  So, here is our cyber-greeting 🙂 No, its not the most personal, but know our hearts and minds are thinking of you all, our dear friends and family, this special season.  Have a wonderful Christmas, full of love for the Savior, who came as a baby to save His people.  Merry Christmas!


Selah’s Dedication October 20, 2010

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Last month (yes, I’m this behind…and to think I’m TWO years behind in my scrapbooks!!!) we had the honor and priviledge and blessing to dedicate our sweet Selah Marie Lousia to the Lord.  I love this special time with each of our children, to promise to raise our children in the Lord, by His grace and help.  Two things stuck out to me this time as special: 1) Selah was enjoying being next to her friend Lydia.  Lydia is the daughter of dear friends of ours and I love that she already enjoys being near her.  It is my prayer these two girls become great friends and great encouragments to each other. 2) Our family coming up and praying for us and our sweet girlie.  There is something so special about having friends and family surround us and pray for our children and God’s help in our parenting of them for His glory.  So precious.


Madelyn Elizabeth is FIVE! October 3, 2010

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It is truly hard to believe that Maddie is 5 years old.  A whole hand’s worth of birthdays!  Five years of tucking her into bed.  Five years of singing songs, praying prayers, playing games.  Goodness.  It has flown by, and yet we have just so, so many memories!  This birthday has hit me hard.  I am just overwhelmed by God’s kindness towards us.  We do not deserve this special gift! Oh, our Madelyn.  If you know her, you know that she is a sweet and kind and compassionate girl.  A girl who loves to sing and dance and tell stories.  A girl who loves to care for her brother and sister and would do just about anything to make you smile or laugh.  We are totally in love with this girlie.

As a family, we have decided to throw a big birthday party every 4 years, and celebrate as a small family every year in between. Well this year was a BIG party year.  Maddie decided (which was a very long and arduous task for my sweet girl to decide and STICK with her decision!?!) on having a Wizard of OZ themed costume birthday party. YES! The moment the decision was final I started right away making notes.  I loved this movie growing up and we have showed Maddie and AJ the happy version (the movie with all the wicked witch scenes skipped :)) many times.  Maddie was in charge of the guest list, and was allowed to invite a few girlfriends to have a sleepover after the party.  I think I’m still recovering from the late night 😉  We had a blast and are grateful for the many guests who came, and a special thanks to those who dressed up! Maddie loved that!


Our Easter and Selah’s Adoption Day! April 9, 2010

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Easter 2010:

We had a great Easter this year.  Maddie and AJ are finally at the age when they are really starting to understand the meaning of Easter.  Maddie especially was able to have some really sweet conversations with us in regards to Jesus life, death, and resurrection.  The past few years we used Noel Piper’s Easter ideas found in her book Treasuring God in Our Traditions. (Which is an excellent book!)  The Resurrection Tree and the re-enactment of the Easter story was a lot of fun with the kids this year…and they seemed to remember what a lot of the Easter symbols mean.  We also dyed Easter Eggs and each year gets less and less messy–whew!  I can imagine a day where there is no spilled dye.  🙂  The Easter Sunday meal was once again at our place and we enjoyed the company of our dear family.  God has been so good to us.

Selah’s Adoption Day:

Oh happy day! We had a most wonderful and meaningful day yesterday as we celebrated the finalization of our adoption of Selah!  This was a day long in coming for us but was worth every moment of waiting!  It was as though our girly knew exactly what the day was about–she was happy and laughing and clapping and smiling the ENTIRE day–even without a nap! I think our Selah loves being the center of attention 🙂  She was also very affectionate and loving towards all of her family and friends yesterday–randomly giving kisses and smiles to her honored guests!  We couldn’t have imagined a better day–God indeed exceeded every expectation.  Here are some pictures of our day.  I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures!  Thank you to everyone who prayed on our behalf, thought of us, encouraged us, and celebrated with us and with our sweet girly.  Hurray for Selah Marie Louisa Ross!


March 20, 2010

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P is for Potty Training, Puking, and Peek a Boo!

A few weeks ago Maddie learned about the letter P…a few weeks later we still haven’t made it to Q. Apparently, there is a lot of ‘p’ stuff going around our house!

We started “P” Week like we start most of our preschool weeks, discovering what words begin with that letter and sound. AJ right away chimed in…”Pee Pee!” “Poopy!” “Potty!” Ah, the mind of a 3 year old boy! 🙂 But I decided to use it to my advantage. “AJ, wouldn’t it be great to learn how to use the potty like a big boy during our P week???” “YES!,” he exclaimed. And he did. The end.

Amazing!? We were totally shocked! That was all it took! Like a friend of mine said, if I knew it would have been that easy we would have had “P” Week months ago! I guess it just clicked for the guy! Night time has been a bit harder for him, though–he is such a sound sleeper. But we’re so very proud of our big boy!

Then our next week took a turn for the worst and along came “P”uking. Puking is something I wasn’t planning on teaching during “P” Week. However, it became the official theme of “P” Weeks #2 and #3. It all started with dear Maddie. Then she passed it to Selah. We took a few days off and it hit Mommy, then poor Granny got it and came back around to Daddy, who is currently recovering. Amazingly AJ missed out on the Puking lesson…hopefully. We are not going to make physical contact with any families for the next few days to be sure. It was terrible. But in the midst of it God definitely reminded me of His grace and how his plans, though different than mine, are better. In spite of the obvious grossness of it all, we all have been enjoying getting a lot of rest and it has been nice to not run so many errands. And Daddy has been around a lot more…though sadly its involved puke.

A bright and shining moment in our “P” Weeks though has been Selah learning to play Peek-a-boo! She actually has been doing it for a little while now but only recently is removing her hands in a more timely manner 🙂 She would hold her hands up over her face for a LOOOONG time and not until we’d all sort of get tired and give up would she reveal herself. But this week she has been a lot of fun with Peek-a-Boo…using her bibs now too to cover herself up. And she usually is the one to initiate it now, which is really fun. Oh we love our girlie! Tomorrow she will be 10 months old, so be sure to check out our post for her soon. We have some exciting news!


January 28, 2010

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6 Months In…A Mommy’s Reflection:

So it’s been six months that our lives have been graced with Selah Marie’s presence. 6 months that we’ve been a family of 5. 6 months of being adorned with a new ‘label’. Did you know we are officially and technically a “Blended Trans-racial” family now? “Blended” in that our family consists of both biological and adopted children. “Trans-racial” in that our family consists of different races. It’s interesting. Before Selah came into our family I wondered how our family would adjust to this change. I practiced gracious responses to rude or insensitive questions that I may get at the grocery store or while out. I read blogs and message boards from families who were already in the midst of this life. Mostly, I prayed that God would give us the grace and wisdom to raise a family that brought Him glory. I can honestly say, though only 6 months in, I don’t think much about that whole “blended trans-racial” part. I think I am more consumed with being a family of five! Or with trying to get all three kids in and out of the grocery store with everything on my list, in my cart, and back at home in peace! And I think God has indeed poured out His grace to us. I think the majority of strangers who ask of questions are just curious about how our family came to be, or are curious about adoption in general, or just think Selah is super cute. And I’m okay with that. Besides, Selah is super cute. As I think on this last half of a year I am overwhelmed by God’s kindness towards us. As I look at our three children, I am overwhelmed that He would entrust Ben and I with their lives, their care, their shepherding. Each child a blessing. Madelyn has been asking questions recently about when I was pregnant with her and AJ. And she often wonders why Selah didn’t get to grow in my belly. Just again today she asked it. There is always a tinge of sadness. Sometimes I do wish Selah grew in my belly. But God always quickens gratefulness towards His plan. No, Selah did not grow in my belly, but she grew in my heart. And I’m ever so grateful for the woman who carried her in her womb until she came home to us. Our story as a family may be simpler now, only 6 months in. Maddie’s questions are simple ones that require simple answers. Many of the deeper conversations won’t come for a few years, I’m sure. Maybe we will be more aware of our new “label” as the years go on. But I know for sure God will be just as kind and give just the right amount of grace and mercy.